Replacing the Garage Door Springs

A garage door will stop working for quite a reasons but one of the most common is broken garage door spring. These springs are mounted to hold and balance the 300 to 400 pounds garage door to operate. They help the door to move easily. But unfortunately, garage door springs will lose their tension with the time and need to be changed. It is important to replace the broken garage door spring as soon as it broke down because it could cause several problems that you might want to face. Wants to learn more about garage door springs, Click Here Right Now

Garage door spring life span

The life of garage door spring is normally rated in cycles. It’s mean that how many times the spring will be used before it breaks to complete its operation. Reputed manufactures supply heavy-duty springs which are ideal for 30,000 or more cycles. For example, you have properly used your garage door 6 times a day, and springs have to bear 6 cycles, one cycle consists of one opening and one closing process. Your garage door springs are expected to get about 12 years of efficient life before they will break.

Types of garage door springs

There two common types of garage door springs, one is an extension and the other is tension garage door springs. Torsion garage door spring is mounted above the garage door opening with a rod running through it. The garage door that is designed for tension spring typically used one spring. These springs can expand or squeeze on the rod to release and generate the tension while operating a garage door. On the other hand, extension garage door springs are mounted on either or both sides of the door that stretch out and bounce back to help the door to move.

Garage Door spring repair

You may be worried about how do you know if garage door springs are broken and how do you deal with them? Some possible and clear signs may include you will hear a lot of noise while opening your door. The garage door will be hanging at any level. If you are facing the trouble of broken garage door springs, it is strongly suggested that contact a professional and experienced contractor for help in this regard. Especially, if you are dealing with the torsion garage door spring that is placed under high tension, it needs to be released completely to avoid injuries and property damages. In addition to this, the garage door needs to be adjusted correctly to prevent further damages on the other parts of the door such as, garage door opener, panels, and tracks. 

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